'Petit Trianon - The Private Life' Spring-Summer 18 collection was inspired by THE movie 'Marie Antoinette' directed by Sofia Coppola. More specifically, the serene scenes dating queen's summer days in the Petit Trianon, where she spent time with her kids, amused herself with improving the gardens and lingered in a faded bed, away from the eyes of court.

As many of you tend to spend your summers in remote hidden destinations all over the world, the simple, joyful and private lifestyle of Marie Antoinette in Petit Trianon, even though centuries apart, translates beautifully into modern lifestyle.

The collection mainly focuses on time off looks, but it also delivers several looks for work and office. Mini and maxi silk dresses, as light as feathers, are adorned with lace and sensuality. Blue and white dominate the color palette.

Step into the world of pure silk inspired by glorious Marie Antoinette.

Delightful Trianon, you inspire souls in love.
— Chevalier Bertin